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Pieter & Maya 2018 (Translated from Dutch)

Hi Jolanda,

We really enjoyed our weekend! The boat was fine again as usual and the help and communication on your part were great! Also very nice that you had a present for Maya for her birthday! In short: definitely worth repeating again!
Good luck with your company!



Fam van Driel (Translated from Dutch)

Dear Family Vissers,

We had a super nice trip with the Corona from Friday 24 July to Thursday 6 August. In total we sailed for 47 hours. We left Cuijk and sailed to the Waal via the Maas Waal canal. From there via the Pannerdens canal to the IJssel. Sailing the entire IJssel and via the Randmeren to the Vecht. De Vecht followed to Maarssen and then a piece of Amsterdam Rijn canal. Then the Merwedekanaal and the canalized Linge. Via the Merwede to the dammed Maas, Bergse Maas and Maas back to Cuijk. We had all weather types and always felt very safe with the Corona. The overall handling of all administrative operations was also neat and enjoyable.

We can wholeheartedly recommend yachtcharter Vissers.

Fam van Driel



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